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With immediate effect please select the 'replaced by' part number when entering an order for the following part numbers:
K019309B90 replaced by K019309V06N50, K019319B90 replaced by K019319V06N50, K055369B90 replaced by K055369V05N50, K055379B90 replaced by K055379V05N50, K110619B90 replaced by K110619V04N50
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  • AE4528
  • Four Circuit Prot. Valve
  • Non saleable to the IAM

999999 In Stock

IAM part number/s for II37464

Weights & Dimensions

Gross Weight
1.725 Kilogram
Net Weight
1.725 Kilogram
192.0 Millimeter
101.0 Millimeter
151.8 Millimeter

Customs Information

Country of Origin*
Customs Tariff Number*
* Subject to change based on delivering warehouses; for further details contact your local customer service.
Air Inlet port(s) size
Air Delivery port(s) size
21,22,23,24,25,26: Voss NG12 M22x1,5 
Circuit 1
Feedback with Bypass 
Circuit 1 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5 
Circuit 1 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
Not included 
Circuit 2
Feedback with Bypass 
Circuit 2 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5 
Circuit 2 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
Not included 
Circuit 3
Non-feedback with no bypass 
Circuit 3 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,5-0,3 / >4,5 
Circuit 3 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
8,5 +0,0/-0,4 
Circuit 4
Feedback with Bypass 
Circuit 4 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5 
Circuit 4 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
8,5 +0,0/-0,4 
Bleed-back safety feature
Controlled by Circuit 1 
Circuits' supply
Internal series supply from C's 1 and 2 to 3, C4 is before C1-2 
With Electrical pressure sensing
IAM Part No.
Four Circuit Prot. Valve
Four Circuit Prot. Valve
Saleable to the IAM